BK□R- Series explosion-proof air conditioner(ⅡB, ⅡC)


1. Can be used in zone 1 and zone 2, groupⅡA, ⅡB and ⅡC explosive atmosphere.
2. Temperature class: T1~T4.
3. Temperature control requirements of the workshop, control room, laboratory and other places temperature adjustment.
4. It's used in petroleum, metallurgy, medicine, light industry, textile, foodstuff and biology, aviation project and military industries, in explosive environment with temperature control requirments.


1. According to structure,the peoduct can be divided into two types: hanging type and split cabinet type; According to function, two types: cold only type and cold & warm type.
2. Manual control or remote control.
3. Explosion-proof air conditioner is made of well-known brand air conditioner with explosion-proof treatment by special method.General run of things, the tank type and the hanging type use the "Mitsubishi"or"Gree" brand.
4. We can do explosion-proof treatment for large water-colding or windcolding machine group ,freezing machine group and centre air conditioner facilities on locale. make scheme according to locale conditions, and apply for explosion-proof function inspection from explosion-proof inspection centre.
5. The whole set of technical documentation is attached with this product when it go out, which is convenient for installation, operation and maintenance.

Model implication

Main technical parameters

Type specificationBKFR-26BKFR-35BKFR-50BKGR-50BKGR-72BKGR-120BKGR-280
  Performance parameter 
  Input power(P)1P1.5P2P2P3P5P10P
  Working voltage(v)AC220AC220AC220AC220AC220/AC380AC380AC380
  Supply frequency(Hz)50505050505050
  Refrigerating capacity(W)260035005000520072001200028000
  Heating capacity(W)288039005700573080001250030000
  Rated  input power  Refrigeration742101514321490234038509900
  (W)  Heating798119016901500249038009500
  Rated  input current  Refrigeration3.
   (A)  Heating3.
  Outline dimension  Indoor790×265×170845×275×180980×298×200500×1757×316482×1680×275581×1870×3951200×850×400
  W×H ×D   Outdoor848×540×320899×596×378955×700×396955×700×424955×700×3961032×1250×412990×1700×840
  Weight (kg)  Indoor9.510.513404063150
  Noise(dB)  Indoor34.8/38.836.8/40.840/5042/4636/4244/5059/64
  Height: within 3 meters(10~12)(13~16)(22~27)
  Ex-markExde ib mbⅡBT4Gb , ExdeibmbⅡCT4Gb
  Joint pipe length(m)3334445
Note: 1.Please marking when the connecting pipe length more than the standard configuration.
2.It's only for reference , please observe our product manual or contact us for more information.
3.Products are updating without notification.